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Digital Web Hub is a leading Web Designing Company established in 2014 located in Uttar Pradesh, India. We believe in providing Complete Web Solutions to our Clients to help them grow in their business with a brilliant team of Web Developers, Web Designers and SEO team and few more Champs, Who are very talented in their professions and have years of Experience.


The entire Agreement shall be governed by the laws of India and the State of Uttar Pradesh and its validity, formulation, interpretation, and legal effect shall be governed by the laws and judicial decisions of the State of Uttar Pradesh which is applicable to the Agreements and shall be fully executed by the State of Uttar Pradesh. You shall at all times be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and shall at all times secure and protect Digital Web Hub from your failure to be harmless.

You agree that Digital Web Hub will not be liable to perform any obligations set forth in this Agreement if such performance violates any applicable government law, regulation, or policy. You will not use the plan(s) in any way that violates Indian export laws, including, without limitation, use related to the distribution of weapons of mass destruction, prohibited chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or missile use is included.


The Digital Web Hub contract specifies the initial period for which program rates will be guaranteed and not less than twelve (12) months for custom programs. All agreements are self-renewing at the then published service rates. After the initial contract period, either party may cancel the Program by giving 30-day written notice to the other party.

No Guarantees

You acknowledge and agree that Digital Web Hub makes no specific guarantees or warranties with respect to the search providers and publishers to whom it serves ads on your behalf, including paid search ads or any specific results. Digital Web Hub does not guarantee the number of calls, clicks, impressions or website visits, or paid search ads that will appear in response to a particular query.


Under these Terms and Conditions, Digital Web Hub has the right to assign, delegate or sub-contract any rights or obligations.


The person that signs the contract certifies that he is legally authorized to purchase the services on behalf of your Company.

Effective Upon Execution

The terms and conditions are obligatory on both the parties as on the date the work statement is signed and/or payment is made.

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